Defender Subterra

The DEFENDER subterra 120 is a cable duct for professional applications at ground level or underground. Developed for the oil industry, this cable duct provides maximum security with quick access to the supply lines in the duct. The cable duct consists of a strong base plate made of high-strength polyamide, together with two side walls, each with an integrated lid made of polyurethane. While the high-strength base plate anchors the cable duct when in use and serves as an underlying connecting element, the rather flexible elements provide for a high load capacity. When closed, the two lids interlock with one another via special holders. This greatly increases the load-bearing capacity, permitting even heavy vehicles to drive over the cable duct with no restrictions, no matter whether it is used at ground level or underground. An interior cross section of 113 mm x 100 mm ensures that the duct capacity is sufficient for most applications.

Length: 76,0 cm
Width: 57,0 cm
Height: 15,0 cm
Channels: 1 (11,3×10,0 cm)
Weight: 13,8 kg
Load bearing: Approx 5 tons per typical tire imprint (15×15 cm)
Operating Temperature range: -30░C to +60░C
Flame Class: B2 (DIN 4102)