Defender Midi 4C

The Defender Midi cable protection was developed as a solution for applications between the Defender Mini and Defender III and has established itself as the standard for the industry and event technology on the market.
The cable protection Midi 4C differs from the previous midi only in the number of channels. Instead of five equal-sized channels, the Midi 4C has 4 channels with one channel twice as wide. This wider channel allows the insertion of significantly thicker cables than with the standard Midi cable crossover. Even a Fire hose can be carried out by the Midi 4C.

Label your cable crossovers!
From now on we can customise the Defender cable crossovers with your company logo for orders ex 30 pieces for each product. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Item no. 85301
Basic module with patented interlocking lid (EU Patent No.: EP1366550)

Length: 89,0 cm
Width: 54,2 cm
Height: 5,2 cm
Channels: 4
Weight: 11,5 kg
Load bearing: Approx 5 tons per typical tire imprint (20Î20 cm)

Item no. 85308
End ramp for Defender Midi 4c