Defender XXL

Together with the industry and leading rental companies we have developed our new flagship of the Defender series. 5 huge cable ducts ľ 3 of them are suitable for C-Tube hose as used by the fire brigade (ě 62 mm). Power cables also have optimum protection. The load bearing actually surpasses the Defender III at more than 5 tons.

Label your cable crossovers!
From now on we can customise the Defender cable crossovers with your company logo for orders ex 30 pieces for each product. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Item no. 85500
Basic module with approved and patented interlocking lid (EU Patent No.: EP1366550)

Length: 70,0 cm
Width: 69,6 cm
Height: 8,7 cm
Channels: 5
Weight: 21,4 kg
Load bearing: Approx 6 tons per typical tire imprint (20×20 cm)

Item no. 85510
End ramp for Defender XXL

Width: 69,0 cm
Deepth: 20,0 cm
Height: 8,2 cm

Defender LUX
The ultimate solution for protecting your cables and for preventing people from tripping. The innovative cable crossovers from the Defender LUX Series have highly transparent, yellow-tinted lids, where LED light tubes can be inserted parallel to cables and other pipes. Defender LUX cable crossovers have been developed in collaboration with event organisers and operators of large halls and festival venues according to the latest state-of-the-art technology and also ensure the highest possible level of safety and visibility in the dark, both indoors and outdoors. LED light tubes from the Defender Series are available as separate accessories. For more information, please refer to our price list for Defender LUX cable crossovers and light tubes, or contact your Defender representative directly.

Defender LUX cable crossovers can be used with commercially available light tubes. Light tubes with a so-called neon effect are especially recommended since the individual LEDs are less visible and this provides for particularly homogeneous lighting. For outdoor use, please mind the appropriate IP classification of the light tube. The use of LED strips and other unidirectional light-emitting products or fairy lights is not recommended.